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DVRS – pronounced /diˈvɛ – means different and unique.

We are not the usual Web3 studio.

Discover our craft


We have been developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions since 2017.

One of our award-winning products even recently made it to the Bank of Italy’s sandbox.


We entered Tenity Acceleration program for Web3 startups, created by the Swiss Stock Exchange.

Our Web3 network started growing on a global perspective, raising in scale.


Ever since, we have been growing fast, gathering exceptional minds from finance, gaming, tech, marketing and design.

Serial entrepreneurs, Forbes Under 30, Aspen Institute members and passionate geeks make up most of our team.


DVRS is born. Our mission: to bring the next million users to Web3.

Our obsession: building bridges between Web2 and Web3 and helping unique clients take a leap of faith.


DVRS takes on a path to change Decentralized Finance (DeFi) as we know it.

Backed by Outlier Ventures – the world’s leading Web3 VC – Smilee is the first primitive to build on-chain volatility products.


We start exploring, building, and playing around in the metaverse, onboarding forward-thinking clients with us. We craft comprehensive 5-year web3 roadmaps for top players across industries such as banking, FMCG, and finance – go-to-market strategy and business plan included.

Powerful ideas on the blockchain have become our daily bread.


We mentor the most promising web3 startups at Outlier Ventures, the world’s most famous web3 VC. We take key company decisions through our very own DAO.

We raised funds with big shots from investment banking, who are part of our board, to ensure our vision comes true.


Become part of our story:

Unlock your Web3 potential.

Better call DVRS

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